A little bit of jealousy.

June Bijou Jewelry

How do you react when you see someone else succeeding where you're struggling? I know first hand it can leave you with an empty feeling in the pit of your stomach. You want to be the kind of person who celebrates the wins of others, but you’d really just like a few wins of your own.

You are definitely not alone. When I first started selling my line of  jewelry people would say, “Oh, you should make something like, this designer, I love their work” or worse I would see another designer getting accounts that I wanted and think, “Why can’t that be me? What’s wrong with my line?”   It’s so hard not to succumb to those feelings. But, what I have learned and now know to be true; is that if one person can do something, than so can another, and why shouldn’t that person be you? It totally can, and it will!

You can become that person by not allowing your feelings to go to envy, self-pity, or depression, you channel that energy into ‘how can I do what they are doing, but make it my own?’. If you become really Zen, you can think to yourself, “thank you for showing me it’s possible”. Now, that I see the thing I want can be done, I can set about the business of doing it for myself.

Once you start seeing things in just a slightly different way, you will start talking to yourself in a different way as well. That inner dialog will be more about elevating yourself, and you will begin to not really see or care what other people are doing because you will be so busy being the best version of yourself.

I’m pretty sure you’ve read one version or another of this “Pep talk”, but it’s actually true. It just takes a slight shift in the way you view things. It may seem like a load a B.S., but start by telling yourself what you want to have instead of what you don’t have, and pretty soon you will get that thing. It can happen; I know it’s happened for me in many areas of my life.


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