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June Bijou Jewelry

Are you ready to create a website?  These days it is expected for any company to have a website, even if it's only informational.  Mine for example is mostly informational, but I do have a fully functioning shopping cart.

With all the discontent with Etsy, I have found more and more small designers and artisans are going to their own sites.  But, even before the controversy with Etsy, I have always recommended that designers invest in their own site.  It's a perception thing, having your own site just adds to your credibility.  

Side Note:  Don't get me wrong I do love buying things on Etsy, but it's totally random when I go shopping there.  And when I do buy, the brand I recognize is Etsy, not the actual company that I'm buying from.  So from that perspective I think it's worth investing in your own brand and online store.  Another thing is that there is SO much competition on Etsy.  There are literally thousands and thousands of other shops and now with the policy changes, there are many from China, which totally changes the platform.

When I first had my website made back in 2002 I had to hire a designer who knew html and get a secondary person/company to implement the e-commerce part.  Today, there are so many platforms that make creating your own website so easy and affordable.  There are a lot of free resources like WIX, Square, and Wordpress, just to name a few.  You can google 'free websites' and a ton of listings will pop up.  The free options are great to get you started, but they will typically not allow a custom domain.  

Your site address will be something like; janedoedesigns//http:freewebsite.com or freewebsite//janedoedesigns.com.  These web address just don't look that good on printed materials and like a neon sign point to the fact that it's a free site.  In my opinion, it's better if you just stick with Etsy until you're ready to invest in your own site.

The good news is that paid websites aren't too expensive and are so user friendly. Square and Shopify are the best ones in my opinion.  I personally use Shopify and my site only costs me $29.99/month.  So for that I get to use own custom domain (junebijou.com) a fully functional e-commerce platform, and templates that are ridiculously pretty and easy to use.  

I have recently built two websites for new businesses using Shopify, and both my clients are thrilled.  I love Shopify so much that I applied to become an affiliate and (so awesome for me) I just got accepted!

Check out Shopify and if you decide you want to try it you can do so for FREE for 14days and just by clicking through on my links I get a little bonus - Yippie!

If you're really interested, but aren't tech savvy, I can help you get started, contact me so we can discuss what you need.

I have a few of my clients use Square and really like it as well, so check them both out and see what fits your needs the best.


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