Hi I'm June

Thank you for checking out my website.  Here is a little about me:

I had a successful jewelry company for 10 years called June Bijou. When I started my business I knew nothing of making jewelry or the nuts and bolts of operating a business. Everything I did was through trail and error.  

Back in 2001 when I decided I was going to do jewelry, I truly believe God opened many doors and positioned me in such a way that I was able to succeed. I do believe when you follow your passion and do what you're meant to do, things fall into place.

I was a one woman show for a long time, doing everything from designing, making, selling, shipping, accounting, whatever it took, I did it. It was more of a full time job then I had ever had before.  Despite it being so much work, I loved it! There was no bigger rush for me then to reach goals, overcome challenges, and actually make a profit. By the end, I employed several people, was manufacturing and producing large quantities for big, well-known stores, and most importantly I considered myself a success at the business. You can check out some of my work experience on my Press & Credentials page. 

Throughout my jewelry career other designers would ask advice and help growing their businesses. I have always been happy to share my experiences with others. Recently, when down-sizing from a 500 square foot studio, I began selling off a huge surplus of raw materials. I started meeting more, and more designers, and almost each one of them asked me for advice and help with their business. At first I shrugged it off, but it kept coming up and finally the idea clicked and this is where I am today.

My experience is in a creative business, but I love and work with many different kinds of businesses.  Because in reality no matter what you sell, or service you provide, the mechanics of business are really all the same.

Making, doing, selling, is in my blood. I love talking with other "do-ers". I find it thrilling to help someone create & cultivate a business.  It never ceases to amaze me what hard work, passion & true love for what one does, can make happen. It can be magical.

So here I am, a wife and now a mom of two beautiful, wonderful boys.  I still love making jewelry, but now only on a much smaller scale.  And I have an exciting consulting business that allows me to share what I have learned with those who can benefit from it.

I am so excited about helping my fellow creative souls figure out the business end of things. I find joy & energy in being apart of your success. Let's work together soon.