"June is truly a gifted consultant – she combines knowledge, professionalism and expertise with enthusiasm.  As a new designer, I knew that I loved designing and making jewelry but I needed help understanding how the business side works. June served as an encouraging and supportive consultant and has given me valuable tools to take the next steps in growing my business."  
-  Angela Cazalas Morris, Owner/Designer of Sweet Annie Designs.

Sometimes as a small business owner you can get stuck because you have so many hats to wear since you usually are the only person doing everything. I needed some guidance in my jewelry business and June helped me organize and prioritize an action plan that I could follow. June is very easy to work with and had lots of ideas of what I could do next to grow my small business. She gave me easy steps that I could implement and also offered to help me implement some of them if needed.

- Molly Kidd, Owner Molly Kidd Jewerly, July 2016 



 "June was a great resource and provided invaluable insight and information as I was starting up my small business. Her experience and unique skill-set guided me and helped me move forward in the right direction."        -  Stephanie Baugh Mahaffey, Owner & Creator of Hip Peas.


"An amazing talent with an equally spectacular personality. June provided insights, information and direction that easily translated into my business growth plans. Her continued advice and support are a true one-of-a-kind asset to any business."                    - Brenna L. Lambert, Owner/Designer Brenna Lambert Designs.


  "June has always been very reliable and professional with an upbeat personality that helps motivate and get you moving towards your goals.  She has consulted with me to help me grow my business to business opportunities.  From locating marketing opportunities with local businesses that I could sync up with to strategizing on my approach with them.  She has also helped me plan & host events to promote my business.  She helps me stay on track with my professional goals, prioritize and to get things done."

Katie Thebeau, Owner of  Beau Boudoir Photography.

"June has been instrumental in helping grow my business and increase profitability.  She has helped to organize, reduce waste, and refine customer interactions.  I am always confident allowing her to represent me.  I am happy to continue to work with her, as I value her contribution to my business."

- Scott Robinson, owner of Robinson Construction.


"June is an extremely creative and talented entrepreneur. She has the gift of connection and knows how to translate that connection into sales and business success.  Plus, June brings joy and laughter to the process!"

- Jennifer Spaulding, Life Coach and Illuminator of Single Women. 


"I was so pleased to meet June through one of the wonderful jewelry vendors at our shop.  When she approached me to teach a class on marketing and pricing of handcrafts, I felt like a prayer had been answered!  She brought such a depth of knowledge to her discussions, punctuated by warmth and a true zeal for her fellow makers.  She really wants others to succeed, and she has the knowledge and background to make it happen for them.  I look forward to working with her again soon!" ~ Chris Unruh, Owner of Makers Connect. 


"June is amazing!  Her enthusiasm, creative thinking, wide industry experiences, and fundamental business sense are priceless along with her deep curiosity, all serve to quickly overcome possible issues that might arise from a lack of specific industry experience, IF that is even an issue."  

- Paul Kim, owner of Endive Restaurant