3 Hour Session

June Bijou Creative Consulting

Regular price $ 150.00
3 Hour Session
Ready to get started?  Let's go.  
Sessions are sold in 3 hour packages.  $50.00/hr for a package total of $150.00
In Person:
Visits entail meeting either at my office, your workspace (if it is within a 10-15 mile radius of my location) or a location convenient to both of us.  In person sessions are a minimum of 1.5hrs per visit.
In person sessions are great for help with your hands on needs, that could include; organizing your workspace, showing you how to merchandise your collection, or even helping you improve your techniques & workmanship.  Or you might just learn better face to face regardless of the topic.
Before every session I will send you a brief form to help identify what your goals are for the time we spend together.  I will require you to send this back before our call or meeting.  After, our session you will receive a recap & plan for action within 24-48 hours after our session.
Phone & Video:
I have found telephone and or video conferencing extremely efficient, and is the majority of my consultations.  Phone or video conferencing is billed in 15 minute increments.  
Once you purchase sessions, we will need to book your first coaching within 48hours of your purchase.  We can do this via phone or email.  You must use your sessions within 30 days of purchase.  You can use your time as you choose, whether in person or broken up into weekly calls.
Fine Print:
You are allowed to reschedule 1 time per session purchased.  I understand life comes up, but canceling or rescheduling more than one time during your session package will result in that time being deducted from your paid for time.