Collection Refinement & Grouping

June Bijou Consulting

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Collection Refinement & Grouping
Do you have a definite esthetic or design style?  Are you modern, classic, boho, or eclectic?
Variety as they say is the spice of life, but you can't be so all over the place that your customers can't recognize your work or fear you have multiple personalities.  
If you want to build an audience, you will need to to focus on developing your design philosophy.  This is common of architects, painters & designers of all kinds.  Of course you can have touches of different style elements, but the underlying voice of the collection needs to have your name on it.   People can see progression & variances, but your artist's voice & signature needs to be on each piece, not only to draw people in, but to allow your creativity to shine.  
In addition I can help you round out your collection so all pieces make sense in sales settings.  Producing a look with varied elements, appealing to different buyers, yet all in your voice.  Together we will refine your collection so there is variety, yet cohesion & sell-ability.  We do this visually as well as creating sweet spot pricing, that get your designs sold.
I will give you honest feedback & critique, based on my experience in designing, selling & marketing.  I am here to help you grow & be the best designer you can be.
Cost:  $50/hr (3 hour min).
Coaching sessions can be broken into two (2) separate, 1.5hr. in-person consultations, or up to six (6) 30 minute phone calls or video conferences.
If we cover selected topics, we move on to your next challenge or area of development.  We'll use every minute available!