Event, Trade Show, or Market Prep

June Bijou Consulting

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Event, Trade Show, or Market Prep
Do you have a show, market or an event that you need help preparing for?
These are the moments we as designers need to shine. Do you need direction with creating your display and preparing for your event? Lets make a memorable and beautiful impression. 
In my career I have done everything from small home shows, trade shows, showroom set ups, and even television segments.
No matter where you are in your career, I can help you prepare, put your best foot and merchandise forward.  Whether you are doing a home show, artist fair, or showing your line at a fashion market, being polished and professional is a must.  
Over the past 12 years I've done trade shows, creating a "store" amongst a sea of other designers trying to catch buyers attention.  I've set up my line within accessory showrooms to create a professional image & ready for a rep to sell to incoming buyers.  I have also set up for television segments showing my jewelry & discussing styles.  Whatever your needs are I can help you prepare. 
Cost:  $50/hr (3 hour min).
Lets get you ready for the show!  Whether we need to work on displays, collateral selling materials, or even how to talk to buyers & what to do once they've placed an order.  
Coaching sessions can be broken into two (2) separate in person consultations, or up to six (6) 30 minute phone calls or video conferences. 
If we cover selected topics, we move on to your next challenge or area of development.  We'll use every minute available!