Inventory Control & Organization

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Inventory Control & Organization
Do you know what you have in stock?  Do you have already made pieces or all raw materials.  Are you organizing what you have in stock?
Once you bring those beautiful raw materials into your work space, you need to record information about them, individually cost them out & store them properly. Doing these simple yet essential tasks can help ensure you receiving a return on your investment.
This is part physical organization as well as administratively.  Over the past 10+ years,  I used everything from boxes, bins, IKEA storage, Container Store systems, as well as peg boards.  Depending on what type of materials you use I can help you organize your materials in such a way that they are easy to reach as well as documenting vital product information.
Organizing your inventory will make costing out your good easier, and in the end costs do matter!
I can also help you move goods that have been sitting around taking up free rent in your office or studio.  If something has been stagnate, lets work on getting it moving out the door & making you a little money.  I have reworked pieces, had sample sales & at times even donated goods.  

Cost:  $50/hr (3 hour min). 

Let me help you track & organize your goods & ensure you are making enough on your hard work.  
Coaching sessions can be broken into two (2) separate in person consultations, or up to six (6) 30 minute phone calls or video conferences. 

If we cover everything, we'll move on to your next challenge or area of development.  We'll use every minute available!