Creating Line Sheets

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Creating Line Sheets

Line Sheets?  What are Line Sheets?
You may not know what they are now, but if you want to sell to stores, you will need to have these.  Line Sheets are images of your styles (typically on a white background) along with style #'s, prices, and other information.  Basically a catalog that stores can use to order your line.
Professionally created line sheets make it easy for stores to order your designs.  You want to make your line stand out over your competition & make it easy for your audience to purchase from you.   
This is a sale tool I have mastered & can help you do the same.  I'll work with you to show you how to do this yourself or I can do it for you!

Good photography and a (simple) photography program is required for this.  (No worries, if you don't have these things yet,  I can help you learn how to do it yourself OR direct you to professionals who can save you time and money.)

Cost:  $50/hr (3 hour min).
Let me help you get started doing your own line sheets.  We'll work with the tools you have & put you on the road to doing line sheets like a pro!
Coaching sessions can be broken into two (2) separate in person consultations, or up to six (6) 30 minute phone calls or video conferences.

If we cover everything, we'll move on to your next challenge or area of development.  We'll use every minute available! 
Here are some examples of my old line sheets: