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Product Pricing
The topic of pricing is the number one issue for all my clients.  This is usually one of the first things we look at.  Surprisingly, this most critical step is often put off or guessed at.  Whether you have goods or a service it all comes down to your costs, and what are you selling your goods/services for.  Without those two numbers you are flying blind.
With anything in life you need to know the facts to make informed decisions.  You can't mark your improvement, profit, or losses without knowing your starting numbers.
Do you know how to price your work or service?  Of course there are standard practices & formulas that you can use, but it's not always that simple. You have to consider all factors; materials, labor, over-head & anything else that contributes to the cost of goods.
You have to look at your work & price it competitively enough that it will stand up against the competition out there, as well as cover all costs of goods, & most importantly make a profit! 
As it pertains to jewelry or manufacturing, if you are hoping to wholesale your line, you have to consider what your designs will retail for when stores buy from you & then turn around & sell.
We will work together to go over your pieces, and price accordingly.  We may need to reexamine what outlets will work for your designs, or even adjust your designs to fit into the price points you need.  Being a successful designer means not only making what you love, but also about making a profit while doing so.
Regardless of the industry there are some basic principles to consider, I can help you with this.  
Cost:  $50/hr (3 hour min).
Coaching sessions can be broken into two (2) separate, 1.5hr. in-person consultations, or up to six (6) 30 minute phone calls or video conferences.
If we cover selected topics, we move on to your next challenge or area of development.  We'll use every minute available!