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Website Help

Do you need a website made?  I can help!  

I had my first website made for me in 2002.   E-commerce was not as common as it is today.  Back then most small companies did not have their own websites, and if they did they were typically just informational, and did not have e-commerce integration. To create a site you had to know or hire someone who knew html code, and it cost a lot!  

Fast forward to today and welcome to a new era of super simple E-commerce.  I have built this website and others using what I think is the best shopping platform for small businesses, Shopify.  It makes everything SO easy.  The shopping cart is already integrated, there are beautiful, smart, and functional themes that all you have to do is customize to your business.  You can literally be up and running within a few hours to days depending on how fancy pants you want to get.  And yes, there is customer support.  Plans starting as low as $29.99 a monthin fact that's the plan I'm on and it's great!

I am proud & excited to be part of Shopify's affiliate program, because after searching through all the companies out there, I really do think this is the absolute best, cost effective, and easiest to use.  Check out what Shopify can do for your business with a FREE 14 day trial.

If you're serious about starting your own website, and find you are totally not tech literate then contact me and I can help you set up your store for a minimal cost.